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Tuition and Fees

Invest wisely in your future

Attending Northwest Trucking Academy is truly an investment in your future. There are not enough well-trained and safe drivers available today, and we are here to make sure you are competent and confident in starting your new career as a professional driver upon graduation.

Get what you pay for

Northwest Trucking Academy goes above and beyond your normal truck driving training and instruction. We also provide extended on-the-road experience and education on lifestyle, education, and exercise.

NWTA Fees*

Enrollment           $125.00           (Insures availability of seat)

Tuition                  $4500.00

Books/ Supplies   $50.00

Total:                      $4675.00

Additional Fees (None NWTA)*

Knowledge Test                   $10.00

Air Brake Test                      $10.00

Combination Test                $10.00

CDL Driver Permit              $23.00

3rd Party Test                      $220.00

Issue CDL                           $115.00           (After completing all testing)

Physical                              $125.00

Total Students Fees            $513.00*

Total CLD Fees                   $5188.00*

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*Prices subject to change contact us to confirm current price.